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We offer a full campaign follow-up service: from product positioning up to distribution, we place great care in strengthening your brand identity.

In these “press-to-skip” times, it has become more and more important for Videolance to enrapture customers from the very beginning. We focus on telling your story by integrating your products, services, and the human resources behind them.
But this is not yet enough for us!

We not only produce commercials, company introductions, and professional videobooks, but we also publish them on the Web and make them TV-friendly. This is possible thanks to our specialized Advertisement and Social Media management team.

Our Social Media management involves comprehensive monthly reports, making you able to measure the growth of your business. We also offer visual content production, such as graphic layouts and photographs, and manage distribution on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube platforms.


Il Tino - Ristorante (Promo Commerciale)

Spot TBWA per Admo Italia

Drone Showreel - Rav'N'Drone

Panem et Circenses – Ass.Culturale SPQR (Cortometraggio)

Ristorante – Casina Valadier (Promo Commerciale)

Jaws - Phoenix (Videoclip Musicale)

Un manichino elegante (Videoclip Musicale)

Spot Tabulart 2020

Showreel Norne

Piano A - Succederà (Videoclip Musicale)