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Visual content is the key tool to achieve a solid brand identity and to stand out among your competitors. By using visual content, you can deliver your message in a direct and efficient way, whether it is a cinematographic production, a corporate video, or a music video.

Videolance offers technical and organizational support, we take care of your project across all of its stages: pre-production, filming, and distribution.

  • Commercials
  • Company Introduction
  • Music Videos
  • Social Media Content
  • Aerial Shooting


We aim at making your ideas cone true by using state of the art technologies. Image processing, often overlooked, makes the difference in brand visibility and communication efficacy with potential customers. Our team is at your disposal during every stage of project development, from design through distribution.

We offer a wide range of services including: video editing, color grading and correction, compositing, lettering and subtitling, DVD/BluRay mastering and burning.
Moreover, we take care of every audio production stage: live recording, audio mixing, scoring, foley, and audio restoration.


We make sure to portray your vision, starting from your very own point of view.
By virtue of this work ethic, we are able to produce stills that truly render your identity. Videolance also offers a digital image processing service for your pictures.

Your event reels, photobooks, or still life pictures will achieve unrivaled quality.


We offer a full campaign follow-up service: from product positioning up to distribution, we place great care in strengthening your brand identity.

In these “press-to-skip” times, it has become more and more important for Videolance to enrapture customers from the very beginning. We focus on telling your story by integrating your products, services, and the human resources behind them.
But this is not yet enough for us!

We not only produce commercials, company introductions, and professional videobooks, but we also publish them on the Web and make them TV-friendly. This is possible thanks to our specialized Advertisement and Social Media management team.

Our Social Media management involves comprehensive monthly reports, making you able to measure the growth of your business. We also offer visual content production, such as graphic layouts and photographs, and manage distribution on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube platforms.


3D videos and animations are the best tools to control every step of the production process, from choosing the subject to the final outcome.

What is the best way to concretely represent ideas and concepts and to convey their message?

What is the best way to show a customer a product not yet out for sale?

From geometry modeling, lighting, textures, environments and materials, to animation.

Every step is designed to go beyond simulation, striving to represent even the impossible.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Rendering
  • 3D Animation
  • Compositing
  • 3D Printer Modeling
  • Lighting


Achieving high quality results in our work would not be possible without the presence of a skilled make-up artist and hairstylist in our team. Also, character design is another very important element .
Thanks to the competence of our professionals, we can meet all your event, cinematographic and artistic needs.

Our make-up services:

  • Beauty
  • Wedding
  • Cinematography
  • Editorial and artistic
  • Special effects
  • Bodypainting


We constantly seek to pair sound perfection with high quality video content. In an environment where multimedia exposure is very common, being able to provide the best possible audio content is crucial.

Videolance is proud of the professional results achieved in this branch and of its facility solely dedicated to audio recording and post-production. From live tracking or studio recording to mixing and original score compositions, we always aim at creating state of the art audio output.

  • Advertising jingle
  • Orchestral Composition
  • Sonorization
  • Audio Editing
  • Multi-format Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Foley
  • Voice Over


Thanks to the experience gained during several years of collaboration with local and international institutions, and companies, we are able to offer multimedia coverage for a wide range of events. In the digital communication era, efficiently documenting corporate and training meetings, conventions, and conferences is a most important means to create effective advertising and improve brand visibility.
We offer audiovisual coverage services for:

  • Conferences
  • Public Events
  • Ceremonies (Business and Institutional)
  • Training Courses
  • Team Building


The Web is, for all intents and purposes, a second reality: as such, taking care of your online presence is of the utmost importance.

Our goal is to take care of your Web content and to improve your brand visibility, both online and offline, by setting up sites and Web pages tailored on your needs. Whether you just need a simple website or run a complex e-commerce network, we can serve you by studying the use of keywords, increase algorithm friendliness to expand your business reach, and optimize the conversion rate of your investments.

Thanks to our efforts in studying how to create a graphic layout, a solid SEO indexing, and a versatile design to interface with mobiles, your image will always be spotless and outstanding.

  • Website and E-Commerce Design, Creation and Restyling

  • Search engine Positioning and Indexing

  • Website security management and privacy policy compliance (IUBENDA affiliation)

  • Survey design & Data Analysis

  • Social media integration for Websites

  • Commercial/company blog management

  • Company social profile creation and management

  • Presentations, AD banners, newsletters, email marketing

  • Responsive (mobile optimized) Website creation